Welcome to Bradford Bear

Our goal is to produce pure premium traditional European and North American style hard ciders where the blend of fruit speaks for itself.  The perfect balance of acidity, tannins and sugars.

We use an extensive variety of heirloom fruit species. All of our fruit is of the highest quality and from New Hampshire orchards.  

Why Bradford Bear? Well, we are inspired by the black bears that live in gorgeous New Hampshire. Like us, they love apples. In fact it has been cited by some, that the bear likely played a major part in the spread of apple trees from central Asia into Europe long before humans paid too much attention to them. As a reminder, do not feed the bears, they can take care of themselves.


Have you got any apples?

We like all kinds of local heirloom cider apples. Many places here in Bradford and surrounding towns have old apple trees because of our farmstead history. Treat them well and they will do good for all. So will Bradford Bear.

If you have old world apples from your farmhouse trees please do let us know. We may be able to craft a hard cider using them.